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Expand your damn vocabulary!

Every once in awhile I stumble upon something I find truly inspiring. Living in South Africa, driving robot to robot (traffic light to traffic light) you find yourself reading many stories from different people asking for money or food, something that is still so new to European countries. I know from experience when I have relatives come to visit from overseas it’s so absurd to them, human beings standing out in the street with a piece of cardboard that reads "ninjas have taken my family, need money for karate lessons." I mean you have to commend their effort, it gave you a little chuckle. Sitting there in your BMW M240i you have 2 choices; 1. Spread your hands and shrug your shoulders and ridiculously whisper to your self " I’m sorry I don’t have anything" as if the man should be feeling sorry for you in your R800 thousand car. Or 2. Do the decent thing and pull out the R2 you have stashed in your cup holder or the odd R2 that falls between your car seat and armrest, you all know you’re bound to have a 50c lying around there somewhere. But the reality is we’re all so comfortable in our expensive cars, with expensive houses watching Netflix, feeling like good people because we’ve joined the “Carol Baskin killed her husband“ petition.” (At first, I made this up but it’s legit with 164 signatories to go, lol!) But we could all do so much better than that. So, I stumbled upon this amazing app that not only educates your ignorant ass by increasing your vocabulary but it also donates 100% of ad revenue from advertisers on its app FreeRice to the World Food Program (WFP) to help feed as many children and families possible. The amazing part, IT'S FREE!

With the amount of money being thrown into digital media streams ($57.9 billion in 2019) it's an easy difference to make in the world.

Also, for those of you now in a lockdown because of the coronavirus COVID-19 make yourself useful and feed some kids! “So stop being a lazy c**t” as our favorite Ozzy man would say and get Learning, start feeding!

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